Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Cannon Brewpub

  Welcome everyone to Columbus, GA. This little downtown has a lot of history and a really nice feel. Located right on the Chattahoochee River, you can't help but to feel like you have stepped back into time, a little.

 One of the local places to hang out is The Cannon Brewpub. This brewpub brews on premise and also serves food. The menu looked very appealing.

 Once you make your way in, the bar is kinda in the back.  They had several beers to choose from and several looked good. Their Saison was average at best and their stout wasn't bad. But, I settled for their IPA.

 Columbus, GA has a large Military presence.  I am not very up to speed on all of the history there, but Ft. Benning is close.  I believe this is why the brewery has taken the Military theme.  Now, on to the IPA.  Special 'Ops IPA, is photoed above.  Looks to be a darker IPA with nice head retention. This beer smelled a little grassy. Nice malt character and finished a little bitter/grassy as well.  I would return to The Cannon, the next time I am in the area. Not a bad Joint. 

Heck, Santa hangs out there. Don't tell anyone...

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Washington DC, Vermont, and more!

     A couple of months ago, me and my better half took an adventure north.  In the last post, you read about some of our trip. I chose to split this trip up into two post because it was such a big trip.  But, I did get lazy and postponed the second part. Sorry. 
     We flew into Baltimore and took the train to DC. Of course, I went to the beverage cart to see what they had to drink on this 30 minute journey. And here's what I found.
On Amtrak, they had all the normal beer you could think of and a few locals.  Besides Sam Adams, who's home is in Boston (right up the road), they had a nice Dogfish Head 90 minute IPA.  Not only was this the only IPA that they had, but it's a double IPA.  Now, if you are in need of an IPA lesson, we all know that Double IPAs are like normal IPAs, but higher IBUs (there's that term again) and usually has a higher alcohol content to help balance the beer. Anyhow, not only was this beer available, but it was bottled only seven days before.  That's pretty impressive in my book. When you get on a train, you expect train stuff, not fresh beer. I highly recommend the Amtrak from Baltimore to DC, great experience.

     The next day, I went on a morning run through the National Mall. I have to say that if you want do some easy sight seeing by yourself, that's the way to do it.  I ran from my hotel through the mall in about an hour. I saw a ton of government buildings, monuments, and stuff!  The evening we arrived in DC, we had a great dinner at a nice farm to table restaurant called Founding Farmers.
My view from the Lincoln Memorial, I had a Dream.

But soon after, I ventured to a nice little brew pub called the District Chop House. We didn't eat dinner there that night, but there was some football to be watched, so I was allowed to go participate.  While there, I discovered their Bourbon Barreled aged Stout and Holy Moly was it good.  This really dark stout had all of the typical characteristics of a stout, but then add the flavors from a bourbon barrel.  It was pretty awesome, I highly recommend this beer if in the area.
      So, after hanging with some friends in DC and seeing some sights, me and the bride took off to Vermont.  The small amount of time we got to spend in Burlington, VT was fun. It is a cool town and the home of Ben and Jerry's ice cream!

     Once we arrived in Burlington, we needed to eat lunch, so we headed downtown to have one of the finest pizzas we had ever had and then ventured on to The Vermont Pub and Brewery.

The Vermont Brewery had a few beers on cask (there's that word again). The one pictured above was their stout and was it good!  It came to me with a large frothy head.  I originally thought that it had a little chalky character, but it turned out to be the froth.  Once, I got past that, it was an amazing beer. Rich with roasted malts and as smooth as a cask beer can get, this stout will not disappoint. Great Beer.
     Next stop on our tour was a very famous brewery. A brewery that most people have heard of or will hear of one day.  This brewery is located about 45 minutes east of Burlington, VT in a little town of Waterbury.  The Alchemist brewery is a cool place and they sell great beer.

The Alchemist Cannery

     The Alchemist only makes one beer, Heady Topper; and all of their beer is canned.  This beer is recommended to be drank right out of the can, but for us purist types it pours a hazy orange color. A lot of folks say they get a peachy aroma from the can, but really don't. But then again, I don't really smell well.  When you drink this beer, the aroma really does carry along with the hop flavors, meaning the bitterness is really balanced with the hop aroma. Nice Beer, I would also recommend a taste, if you are up that way.  Oh, and not to mention it ranks high in the world ranking of beer. To see where, click here.

     I know, this is a lengthy post, but I am almost done.  Next stop on our journey and last subject of this long ramble of a blog post is Montpelier, VT.  We stayed the night there and found this cool beer bar that had some tasty food as well.  We stumbled into Three Penny Taproom, where we found some beers made by Hill Farmstead.  Hill Farmstead is located about an hour north of Montpelier and a little too far for a visit. So, I was happy to find a couple of their beers.

     Pictured first below is Edward.  Hill Farmstead names all of their beers after ancestral roots and I think it really helps give each of their beers a little more identity.  Edward is a fantastic Pale Ale that will not disappoint.  Nice hop aroma balanced with a clean hop flavor backed with a nice malty finish.  I wouldn't mind being able to get this down here in Florida. A man can dream, huh?

     Last but definitely not least, here is Everett. Above is a photo of Everett with my lovely wife and her locally made root beer, which was awesome as well.  But, Everett may have been the best beer on the entire trip.  This beer Smelled great from the beginning and did not stop.  This porter had smells  of roasted barley, vanilla, and coffee.  It tasted about the same; very smooth with a little roasted barley/toasty finish. As mentioned, it probably was the highlight of the trip.

     Well, I will not keep you any more and I hope you enjoyed reading my rambles.  We had a great trip up north and hope to visit again.


Thursday, October 24, 2013

The main Maine and New Hampshire!

Hello boys and girls, welcome to another exciting adventure!  About a month ago, me and my wonderful bride took an adventure north to see some friends and see some sights. I am going to split this post into a couple of different posts so it doesn't seem so boring.

The first place we visited was the Budweiser plant in New Hampshire.  I know, yer saying "what the heck are y'all doing in a Bud plant!" Well, here's what we're doing...

Look at all the BOTTLES! Tony looks amazed.
The carriage on the left delivered the first delivery of Budweiser to the White House after Prohibition. Pretty Cool. 
We had a fun time!

After hanging with some friends in New Hampshire, we roamed our way to Maine.  Never visiting Maine, I was not really sure what to expect. I really didn't expect the lobsters to like Guinness!   
Below, are a couple of fun photos of the Maine coast and me happy to see it.  Maine is beautiful.

Happy to see Maine!


While in Portland, we stopped by Allagash Brewing for a little tour.  This is a photo of their barrel room. This is where they do all of their wild brewing.  Dave would have liked this tour, he's a barrel kind of guy.


Friday, August 23, 2013

Founders in the House!

Welcome to the wonderful world of Founders! If you were not aware, Founders has hit the market and that is a good thing.  What we have here is a wonderful IPA made by our friends to the north. 

Please forgive my bad blogging form, but it seems I have entered uncharted territory when it comes to my electronics.  I have a new phone, which is supposed to have HD picture taking abilities and a new computer.  So, I can't really figure out how add photos properly, format the blog posts the way I once could, and stuff. Maybe my buddy Dave can come help with that some time?

Anyway back to the beer!  This is one of my favorite IPAs and has been for a while. I am a well rounded beer drinker, meaning I like well rounded balanced beers. The Centennial IPA is a great hop heavy IPA with a balanced malty back bone.  From pour to drinking you will smell hops, but you will not feel that the beer is all hops thanks to the malt.  The hop character is not super piney, so you can really get into the complexity of the beer.  I am glad to see it in our area. You should be able to find this stuff at most beer shops around.  I know they have it at Wine World on Back Beach Rd. Also, keep a look out for other Founders beer, such as, Red's Rye PA(link suggest Red's being the best rye beer in the world).  I heard through the grapevine that there is a Red's Rye keg at Wine World PCB just waiting to be tapped. 

I can't wait! Cheers!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Buster's Bait and Beer

If you've driven down Thomas Drive in the last several months, you have probably noticed Buster's Beer and Bait. Me and a couple of beer brewing beer buddies stopped by a few weeks ago and we liked it. 
 After arriving, I noticed the bait shop was out back. It wasn't a bait store and a beer store all in one. It is actually a liquor store, beer bar and bait shop. Pretty cool set up. 

Shortly after we arrived, Buster comes by and introduces himself and drops off some jalapeno bacon popcorn. After talking with Buster for a bit, we learn is a retired member of the military and we would like to thank him for his service to our country and to our beer needs. His goal is to have more beers on tap and to expand as soon as possible. 

While we were there, we noticed nearly 20 taps and a cooler full of bottles, but the fun doesn't stop there. Buster's is a full liquor store with plenty of six packs and twelve packs for purchase to go. There are also plans of having beer festivals with upwards of 69 taps. Seems as there is some kind of infatuation with the number 69 at Buster's because he also has a beer contest where you drink 69 beers and you get a free tshirt. 

Sounds like a deal to me. 

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Lazy Magnolia's "Ginger Jaque"

It seems like Jeremy recently learned the meaning of the word "quit," and until he gets his mojo back, he's asked me to guest blog for him. I don't posses his in-depth knowledge of all things beer, so hopefully he'll start back soon. In the meantime, he brought me a half gallon growler of Lazy Magnolia Brewing Company's "Ginger Jaque," to get me going. (Also, he asked me to watch his dog for a week, so if you ever see Jeremy heading your way with a growler of beer, you might not want to get too excited.)

But let's get to the beer. First off, the growler featured a hot, red head pirate lady on the front, and she had quite a front herself. So I was already pretty won over. Who doesn't like boobs, right Jeremy? Anyway, the Ginger Jaque poured nicely, with a warm amber color and not too much head. I thought it had a nice, smooth flavor, though I didn't notice any ginger flavor, which led me to believe that the brewer might have been a ginger, or something. However, when I shared a little with my friend William later, he wondered aloud after a few sips, "What's that smell? It smells like something from my backyard, but not the dog shit. Dandelion? No, it's ginger. We keep that by the back door." So I guess you can taste the ginger if you're more sensitive to it.

I'm just guessing, but I'd guess the alcohol content on it is pretty low. Certainly, there wasn't much of an alcoholy flavor, and I wasn't feeling much of a buzz after a few pints. Overall, I'd call it a pleasant beer, and I'd definitely drink it again.

Looking over other blog reviews (after writing the above), I note that the alcohol content is listed at a respectable %5, and many reviewers felt the ginger flavor was overpowering. The discrepancy probably comes from the fact that I'm more of a man than the other reviewers, and also part pirate. So, if you feel you could make it as a pirate, or at least grow a beard, I say give Ginger Jaque a try!

-- Dave

Monday, January 23, 2012

Best Ever Letter Ever Written to a Lawyer

I was told that I needed to do another post on this here Beer Blog. I'm not gonna name any names, but lets just say he sometimes goes by Dave, maybe.

I thought I would share some blog love. Here is a letter I found that is pretty darn funny. You wanna read it? If yes, just click HERE.